Easy, cost-effective, enterprise-grade service for open source analytics.

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Why HDInsight?


Quickly spin up open source projects and clusters, with no hardware to install or infrastructure to manage.


Get enterprise-grade security and industry-leading compliance, with more than 30 certifications.


Reduce costs by creating big data clusters on-demand, easily scaling them up or down, and paying only for what you use.


Create optimised components for Hadoop, Spark and more. Keep up to date with the latest versions.

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What comes with HDInsight?

Apache Hadoop
Apache Spark
Apache Kafka
Apache HBase
Apache Hive LLAP
Apache Storm
Open source ecosystem

HDInsight supports the latest open source projects from the Apache Hadoop and Spark ecosystems. Stay up to date with the newest releases of open-source frameworks, including Kafka, HBase, and Hive LLAP.



Native integration with Azure services

Seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of Azure data stores and services, including SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, Data Lake Storage, Blob Storage, Event Hubs, and Data Factory.

Broad application support

HDInsight supports a broad range of applications from the big data ecosystem, which you can install with a single click. Pick from more than 30 popular Hadoop and Spark applications for a variety of scenarios.

Security and compliance

Get enterprise-grade data protection with monitoring, virtual networks, encryption, Active Directory authentication, authorization, and role-based access control. HDInsight has more than 30 industry certifications, including ISO, SOC, HIPAA, and PCI, to meet compliance standards.

Simplified monitoring

HDInsight integrates with Azure Log Analytics to provide a single interface where you can monitor all your clusters.

Multiple languages and tools

Seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of Azure data stores and services, including SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, Data Lake Storage, Blob Storage, Event Hubs, and Data Factory.

What can you do with HDInsight?

Extract, transform and load (ETL) using HDInsight

Extract, transform and load your big data clusters on-demand with Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark.

Streaming using HDInsight

Ingest and process millions of streaming events per second with Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, and Apache Spark Streaming.

Interactive querying with HDInsight

Perform fast, interactive SQL queries at scale over structured or unstructured data with Apache Hive LLAP.

Extend your on-premises big data investments with HDInsight lifecycle

Extend your on-premises big data investments to the cloud and transform your business using the advanced analytics capabilities of HDInsight.

Use Cases

Customer insights

Help employees make data-driven decisions by building an end-to-end open-source analytics platform. Easily process massive amounts of data from different sources.

Learn how Reckitt Benckiser uses HDInsight for consumer insights.

Personalized recommendations

Engage your customers in new ways by building personalized recommendation engines.

Learn how ASOS uses HDInsight for personalized recommendations.

Predictive maintenance

Predict and prevent failures and keep vital equipment running. Ingest and process data in real-time to optimize operations.

Learn how Roche Diagnostics uses HDInsight for predictive maintenance.

Risk assessment

Build better models by transforming and analyzing your critical data and help keep your data secure with enterprise-grade capabilities.

Learn how Milliman uses HDInsight for risk assessment.

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